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NESF- the award winning and largest club stand for the 3rd year running @ NBO- well done everyone that attended.
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 Hello from Marko

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Posts : 2
Join date : 2012-05-08

PostSubject: Hello from Marko   Tue 8 May - 18:46

Evening all!

I'm Marko and run a company called SpeedView Displays. I sell a small head-up display that projects speed onto your windscreen and hope to create some “how to” guides for fitting it each to model with the forum’s help. Before we do that though, I thought I'd say hello and show that I bleed EP90 when cut...

Toys on the current fleet:

My first car – verging on family heirloom now as I’ve had it half my life.

It had an 8 valve pushrod carbed 2.3 petrol in at first, which did 15mpg, had 50 bhp, needed leaded petrol, and took a shade over 30 secs to hit 60. The insurers wouldn't let me put a 2.5 turbo-diseasel in, but any smaller engine was fine. (I was 17 at the time) Any engine I asked? Anything you like, so long as its smaller. I didn't ask twice!

The engine came from a Rover 220 Coupe Turbo, big intercooler, with the boost set to, err, several? Live axles, leaf springs, and drum brakes on the front and the rear. Knobbly Teflon cross-plies added to the fun!

I also own 1/3 of what seemed like a really, really, good idea in the pub. (Damn you eBay for Android) Could have been worse I suppose, as we found a few cheap double-deckers in the watch list.

An ex-Westminster XJ8 that Dave Cameron might drive it if he was as flair as JFK. She’s an early extended wheelbase 4.0 V8 sovereign with a half a hundredweight of structural reinforcement to replace the stiffness lost when the roof was removed. The structural work is complete, just the minor task of refitting all the electronics/interior and a lick of paint. Kitted out to tow so if you see any Oz Clark/James May worthy caravan knocking about...

The sensible daily. They cost about 20 pence to insure, the engines/gearboxes are completely indestructible, and they're an absolute riot on the B-roads at “Hey, I’m not going to lose my licence” speeds. Point; squirt; (oppo); grin. Tedious on the motorway though and lacks 50-80 punch for A-road overtakes.

Hello anyways, I hope I’ll fit in and can be of some use!

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Posts : 2600
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Age : 42
Location : chilton co durham

PostSubject: Re: Hello from Marko   Tue 8 May - 19:01

welcome aboard marko some cracking work thier Cool
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Location : its better to burn out than to fade away....

PostSubject: Re: Hello from Marko   Tue 8 May - 19:02

Welcome aboard fella
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PostSubject: Re: Hello from Marko   Tue 8 May - 19:12

Welcome to NESF Marko
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Posts : 2
Join date : 2012-05-08

PostSubject: Re: Hello from Marko   Tue 8 May - 19:32

Thanks all :-)

There's still a bunch more work that I need to crack on with unfortunately Carlos - can't stand bleedin' paint and interior work and that Jag has a lot of both paint and interior...
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PostSubject: Re: Hello from Marko   Tue 8 May - 19:50

Welcome to NESF Cool
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Location : Bishop Aukward

PostSubject: Re: Hello from Marko   Tue 8 May - 20:51

Welcome aboard mate. Some interesting motors there.

I'll give it about 20 minutes before a drooling Robbo22 jumps on to wax lyrical about the vestages of hardcore proper Land Rovers versus almost any other car in the world Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: Hello from Marko   Tue 8 May - 20:56

Hiya Marko

Welcome to NESF Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Hello from Marko   

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Hello from Marko
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