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NESF- the award winning and largest club stand for the 3rd year running @ NBO- well done everyone that attended.
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 NBO 11 Show report (sorry about delay )

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PostSubject: NBO 11 Show report (sorry about delay )   Tue 23 Jul - 7:10

Sorry about the long delay in getting the report out but careful studying of the NBO feedback threads was a priority to make sure we are delivering the best show and lots of great positive feedback show that the NBO committee have again produced a great show

It started for us on the Saturday morning with the Cumbrian scoobs driving over and setting up early
A briefing and layout of the stands positions was made by the Captain
Pitch inspection by Gus
A risk assessment and H&S plan was drawn up by Mark and then the fourteen of us worked as a team to have the field ready in record time this year ,slightly extended stands with more depth helped and the 2 runway system helped reduce any congestion along the sides of the fields which we experienced last year.

We had our first cars in early on the Sunday morning from 9am and by 930am we had the majority of the club cars piling in including the 100 car convoy from Scotch Corner
Unloading and lining up the cars was the best we have ever witnessed as club stand managers knew that they had just a few minutes to get their cars into position and most had drawn up plans before the event so they knew exactly where to go and reverse into position quickly and without fuss .
Most clubs had the gazebos up and BBQ on by 10am
The best arrival we have ever had at the NBO ,thanks to the pre planning of the field.list of people attending and the commitment of the clubs to help out and get the job done quickly ,even the 30 Billy no mates were lined up and looking for new friends and clubs to join .
It was good to hear Martin our master if ceremonies open up the show with the "Martin Jingles "and excellent vocal skills and continued to entertain the crowds for the rest of the day .
At 1130 am all the club stand judges assembled and Elaine handed out the judges pack I gave a briefing of what it was all about and assisted by Mark cowdrey and his Father "we did a tour of the field and 13 clubs

The Porsche stand led by Mick was a great start ,we like to show variety at the NBO and mick gave a fantastic presentation as always about the five cars that were on show
Micks presentation skills are fantastic after his WR1 talk many years ago that helped us decide what we were looking for in club stands and helped set the benchmark for the clubs

The malton Motor club was next , a first for us and in true rally fashion he admitted that 4 cars were actually in bits after crashes in the previous week at other rally events .some of the judges were amazed by the stories he told and the costs involved with rally cars it was something different at the NBO and I'm sure many Subaru enthusiasts would be signing up with that club in the future as rally was subarus heritage ,and nice too see some old school fords and BMWs on display .

The RB5 & RB320 club was great and nice to see a return from them to the NBO ,interesting to see only one RB5 and the rest was the RB320s showing that there is not many classics left
Stunning vehicles ,polished to perfection and some amazing modifications on some of them too .

The UK scoobies were in the corner this year to give them more space and a stunning display of cars with a front row different layout which really caught the judges eyes ,always nice to see a club grow as it moves into the 4th NBO for them with a well stocked kitchen and HQ and banners and club structure ,a bulging trophey cabinet they are building up and lots of friendly smiling members who love their cars and were proud to be part of a club .

NESF just gets bigger and bigger with a whopping 80 cars and 23 % of the turnout of the NBO this year we had to give them nearly the full length of the field
With so many cars displaying them is actually hard but they made a fantastic job with a giant oval shape at the front with their show cars which really gave depth to their display and again a well stocked Club Kitchen ran by the Midlife's and HQ and banners .the 2 Keith's and Johnny Gav the founder gave a great talk about this massive club and expansion plans too.many clubs could only dream of the numbers they had on display .

The Ayreshire scoobies were back again representing their beloved Scotland and what a display they put on ,the furthest travelled and the ten cars looked superb ,polished to perfection and some amazing modified cars too ,a great bunch of lads who loved invading England and very proud to display their scoobies they loved their return to the NBO and put their hands in the pockets for our auction and raffles for our charity

The SOCOM came for their first NBO the lads from Manchester weren't sure what to expect being their first show and Rick gave such a passionate talk about how the club was formed just a few months ago .many of the clubs started like this with literally just stickers and a banner and expanded to what they are today ,it was great to see the Lads offer them advice and suppliers to use and everyone went away thinking we started like this years ago a grass route club with a massive catchment area in Manchester this club will become very big in years to come .

The TTS 11 year veterans of the NBO know what it's all about. led by Darren the chairman who led the NBO convoy for many years this club is about people and driving the cars with monthly drives out on the country and a big monthly meeting a great club HQ and kitchen and banners show a well organised club with history too ,27 cars packed on the stand with family's too show a great club with a great history .

All the above clubs were great and got trophies for attending the NBO and nice to see new clubs MMc and the Manchester boys and great to see the return of the Ayreshire scoobies and RB group .

The top five as voted for the 13 Judges were
5 The CADS
They have never missed a NBO and their experience in a club shows with such a history
9 immaculate cars polished to perfection ,everything this club does is so correct ,planning ,layout ,spec sheets ,layout ,club HQ the massive trophy cabinet ,everything is run so perfect with constant results every year every car enters the arena and competition between them is fierce and long term friendship too a great club who do everything right .

4 The Cumbrian Scoobs
One of the oldest Subaru clubs in the Uk originally founded by mark and Myself with most of the members in CS being there for over ten years
A quality Presentation by Mark about the club structure and history and visions the club have with
Quality kitchen and tents ,amazing collection of banners and a showpiece CS display area showing lots of photos of their fundraising events ,trophies and different things the members fetch to display, run by a very focused committee everyone knows what to do and it shows in everything they do.
A stunning selection of cars laid out to perfection somehow the CS can do a great display AND find time to organise the NBO as well !!which shows correct management ,under the Captain , of a club is so important to achieve what CS has done and maintained over the last 12 years since 3 people meet in a pub with a vision .

The tension mounted with three Clubs left

3 The LADS
Again another one of the oldest Subaru clubs in the uk and experience really shows
.Perfection is what they do in everything ,the layout of the cars was amazing with colour co-ordinated sections of display ,lads T -Shirts everywhere ,Swags section ,kids area and everyone knows their role in the club. Elvis and Chris gave their fantastic presentation which shows the love their have for the club.
Every club wants to be like the LADS for what they have achieved over the 11 years they have been at the NBO ,military precision and accountability ,a well organised club which gets the job done every year and always get the trophies .

Martin the master of ceremonies then held the famous 'head to head ' as they stared at each other for the longest seconds of their lives

When Martin sold his beloved award winning Subaru Hatch and bought a stunning green RS he realised he hadn't a club so he formed his own a couple of years ago ,teaming up with Adam a subaru veteran (who travelled 280 miles to the NBO )
They listened and learned quickly realising in south west Scotland they had to look "outside the box as well "getting all the subarus in their area they expanded onto other marques as well old school cars ,and modern cars such fords ,seats ,jaguar ,mini ,Nismo
And the mix works really well with a stunning blend of cars that really caught the judges eyes. Detailing is their thing in the club with detailing and training days ,custom jobs and such a variety of cars I wonder if that is the way forward for Subaru car clubs in the future,if some members want to leave Subaru but still want to be part of the gang ?
Great Club HQ banners and all the basics along with a great presentation by Martin and Adam ,they have looked at how other clubs work and it shows in 2/3 years how a small club can come along ,win a few trophies in the arena and then come second in the club stand Competition

the winer was

The welsh have done it again !!
4 years of the NBO placed 3 and 2 then last years winners and they did the double !!
After last years rugby and inflatable sheep the judges thought they couldn't top it but they did !!
I thought something was up when I saw a Subaru drive in to the field with a surf board on a roof rack and subarus been driven by guys wearing some dodgy Hawaii T-shirts .
There was some strange noises and laughter from the welsh corner in the field as they were setting up and big crowds were allready gathering as they were raising some sort of mast and laying the flooring on the newly cut grass.
The judges went over and the fun started as soon as we got there
The lovely Sharon / Shaz and the welsh ladies ran over and gave us Hawaiian Garlands and invited us into the beach party !!
The judges were shocked !!
A surf board and palm trees ,they even told is they had bought welsh sand to the NBO for a holiday, sandcastles ,streamers ,bunting and a swags section ,kids playing in the sand and they even had a blue painted banner as the sea ,the judges for the second year were shocked and amazed what Richard and Shaz and the club had done ,but it's not all seaside or some would say welsh madness as well .
they went round and showed us every club car which were polished to perfection and introduced us to their club members ,a true family affair from a small club with only 10 cars amazing club structure ,charity runs ,club meetings ,it's amazing what can be done from a small club ,only formed a few years ago who have built an award winning club on fun and love of their cars who plan everything they do with military precision and make people laugh as well

Can the mad Welsh do the treble ?
They boast they are planning for next year already !!

Amazing displays by the 13 clubs that make the NBO what it is today
So much work goes into the displays and I hope everyone goes away inspired and looking to make their displays even better for NBO 12 thats what makes the NBO one of the best shows in the UK because of the effort the clubs make to show their clubs and cars off .

Also studying the judges sheets ,the top five and order was picked by the majority of the judges and I would have picked the same top five myself so I'm delighted the clubs follow the vision and the judges know what to look for and will report back to their own clubs with what they would like to do and improve on for the next few years .

Again we were let down by three traders who booked and didn't turn up on the day fortunately 2 had paid in advance but it was great to see the 7 traders who did very well on the day.
Really excited to see the Subaru presence by Ian Armstrong from Unity and John from Mangoletsi ,they both fetched the Subaru exhibition unit and inflated blimp which made a professional display ,and of course they did very well on the day too .

A big thanks to Olly who took over as major sponsor of the show after total impreza left the industry
Oliver supplied the 38 trophies as well .
Oliver with his green Goblin and collection of rally cars and his new garage business and contacts ensured that the NBO would survive along with the 7 traders Who chipped in .
Without them the NBO could not be held ,although again we made a slight loss but Cumbrian scoobs helped to balance the books this year .

We have discussed this for many years but we just can't get traders ,so are looking at new ways again for next year as we need just over a £1000 just to host the show with field hire ,Insurance and other costs .
Without financial support from them the NBO can't continue , as our vision is the fundraising for our chosen charities .

The Auction
The third year and it just gets better thanks to some great prizes donated by Oliver ,the traders and lots of people who attended the NBO we had so many great prizes ,
It was great to see people really put their hands deep in their pockets for this one
The man who bid for the drill won it at £60 then paid us £90 for it
The small child who robbed his piggy bank and gave us £25 for a cap and badge
Friends egging each other on and so many people involved and we raised £580 for the prostate charity
Thanks to those that helped with this very important part of the fundraising .

The Arena kept the crowds busy
A good turnout for the non Subaru of the day with some amazing cars in the Arena that the Subaru Boys loved to watch
A Mini ,RS and Porsche battled it out .

The new Hatch ,saloon and Forester ,legacy were next made up 12 cars in the Arena
These are the last cars that Subaru have and some amazing modified hatches got the crowds excited

After the judges well earned rest period the 2 big classes next

The Classics
A great mixture of classics from 13-19 years entered the ring ,all immaculate ,some modified and some standard really tested the judges abilities ,some daily drivers and some cars that people just spend hours cleaning and modifying
A great collection of a car that started it all off .

The new age
An equal mix of Bugeye ,Blobeye and Hawkeye drove in and it took an hour to judge them throwing out timetable out of the window and lots for us to contemplate for next year when planning the event
Every car was to such a high standard ,modifications and many just polished and detailed and with some fantastic under bonnet displays too which is now becoming the norm in the Arena
The five well experienced judge were really pushed to the limit to select the winners from this great group .

A big thanks to Andy .woody ,Chris and the 2 new judges Elvis and Drew
100 + years of car experience in various fields shows we have assembled the best team to sort out the best cars in the Country.

The presentations followed nearly an hour behind schedule because of the such high standard of cars in the arena that really tested the judges to the limit .

Lordys 7 special Awards this year went to
Alex a teenager on the CS club who worked tirelessly with the judges as Admin
Leo and Emma the junior section of CS who have worked so hard on the raffle and fundraising
Great to see the CS children help share the Hugh workload the club has to do on the field
Fiona who feeds us all at CS /NBO Hq
Woody for many years service ,judging the cars in the Arena .
Keith a valued part of the NBO set up squad who grafts constantly every year for us
Rob a valued member of the NBO set up squad who gives us great technical advice to the committee and also to the community in general .

We also had two Fathers Day awards from Marks Dad who also helps out a lot with the NBO and mark who uses their vast show experience from other shows they visit .

A big thanks to Martin the master of ceremonies who coordinates it all on the day .
We are also working in the NBO video ,information on this coming soon .
A big thanks to Stan Palmers for supplying his NBO vehicle for the day.
A big thanks to Trevor and Julie who worked to fetch us the charity for the year
Prostate Cancer
The 2 volunteers from the charity worked so hard for us and they were in tears when we managed to raise over £3800 on the day .
A big thanks to Elaine our Club administer who does the Hugh admin involved with the NBO
Mariouz the official NBO photographer who takes hundreds of photos for our NBO website .

Thanks to the 14 on the NBO committee who spend many months on the NBO planning and on the day itself and they enjoy doing it
Well ..................

It's already booked for next year
NBO 12
Sunday 29 June 2014

We managed just over 300 cars on the day and the weather was just perfect for the show

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NBO 11 Show report (sorry about delay )
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