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NESF- the award winning and largest club stand for the 3rd year running @ NBO- well done everyone that attended.
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 NBO 12 Results

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PostSubject: Re: NBO 12 Results   Fri 4 Jul - 8:21

I still enjoyed it as we always do but each to there own and even if we hadnt won i still would off enjoyed it its a day off for us to spend with a lot of nice people and subaru enthusiasts.granted there could of been more people/cars and more stalls to buy from and more activities would be good  Very Happy 
I am happy to go again next year  Very Happy 
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PostSubject: Re: NBO 12 Results   Fri 4 Jul - 8:25

^^^^agreed still a good day Wink
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PostSubject: Re: NBO 12 Results   Fri 4 Jul - 8:54

The meeting points and convoying down are great. I love the whole 60+ scoobs rumbling down the A1. Then the craic and banter with the nesf members you don't get to spend that much time with is awesome. It's a shame the attendance is so poor and the lack of traders & entertainment is an issue. But I too would go regardless as the point of it all is raising money for worthwhile causes. That's reason enough for me to go.
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PostSubject: Re: NBO 12 Results   Fri 4 Jul - 9:13

Agree with you there mate. Obviously I had another priority this weekend but I ticked each event off on my watch all through the day, from the awesome convoy to the end of day packing up.

My head was with the family but my heart was with the NESF at NBO and I'll be surprised if there arent still a few of us there next year.
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PostSubject: Re: NBO 12 Results   Fri 4 Jul - 12:25

The first one I went to was in 2007, I think that was NBO 3 or 4? and It used to be heaving back then. You'd have all 4 corners of the field full with club cars and then in the centre of the field (or Billy-no-mates as some call it) that was totally full as well, enough to make a club of their own! And there were so many trade stands, I always came back with a few bits and bobs for my car. And I never got bored whereas this year I was bored by about 1pm, I used to stay until the very end. Maybe it's just a sign of the times, not as many people seem to be able to run a Scoob these days?
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PostSubject: Re: NBO 12 Results   Fri 4 Jul - 18:22

I know this is a Cumbrian Scoobs managed event, but I can imagine that it is an enormous logistical task putting the whole day & event together. Perhaps what CS need is some local assistance with the management going forward. The NBO the last 2 years has dwindled a bit in terms of club attendance, traders, and ultimately fundraising, etc. Please do not take this as a criticism of the fabulous job that CS have done over the years - it is absolutely not. I would be sadly disappointed if the NBO next year suffered another decline.

So my suggestion is that NESF as the largest Subaru forum in the North of England and although we are a free of charge club for our members, I am 100% certain that amongst our 1,300 odd members that quite a number of us will have a contact or two who may be able to offer some service, goods, sponsorship or contribution that would contribute to the rejuvenation of the NBO for the future, bringing back the traders, increasing the attendance from clubs further afield, putting some entertainment on, which ultimately means more money for the charity.

I know it has been discussed inviting other car marques and this brings it's own logistical nightmares, but what about for example seeing if we can get some Super Car owners there even as a display/attraction. Ferrari, McLaren, Lambo, etc. I know one or two owners who may be willing to do it. These type of cars are always a crowd puller/pleaser.

Maybe some little fun events during the day like the best sounding exhaust note with a rev-off - just voted on the sidelines by a show of hands by the attendees no serious voting - simple but a lot of fun for the car owner and the crowd.

Of course this is entirely down to the willingness of the NESF members and also the approval of the Cumbrian Scoobs organising committee. We must not lose the focus that this is a charity event with the purpose of rasing money for the selected charity - that is what it is all about. But we must also make it an enjoyable experience throughout the whole day so that people want to hang around and participate.

Of course the sooner we start planning the better!

Just a few of my own thoughts, but I am game and willing to help out any way I can.


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PostSubject: Re: NBO 12 Results   Fri 4 Jul - 20:09

i never attended this year as i was at touring cars at croft. There was quite a few scoobs at croft. This may have been a factor why there were less at the NBO. Also goodwood festival was on the same weekend, i know this is well down south but this too may have been another reason. Also on the saturday it was the final day at prodrive and looking at the pics on facebook there seemed to be a hell of a lot there. I know in previous years before i owned my scoob i used to attend NBO and park in the car park, there have been evos down the bottom of the field aswell as other non scoob owners clubs. I dont know what people opinions are but the Ford RS owners also have a meet at lightwater valle think its either this weekend or next, but how about a joint meet in the future???
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PostSubject: Re: NBO 12 Results   Fri 4 Jul - 23:48

A supercar stand would be  Cool Cool Cool Cool 

Because at the end of the day that's all we aspire to be lol

 Very Happy 
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PostSubject: Re: NBO 12 Results   

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NBO 12 Results
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