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NESF- the award winning and largest club stand for the 3rd year running @ NBO- well done everyone that attended.
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 Accident Map on BBC

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Accident Map on BBC Empty
PostSubject: Accident Map on BBC   Accident Map on BBC EmptyThu 21 Aug - 21:51


Went on to BBC and saw this and zoomed in on the local area - just around the A69/A68. Interesting stats. Nearly all of the fatals near me were in the rain. The standard of driving on the A68, just north of the A69 is shocking. I've been here for a month now and nearly had 2 head-ons caused by people in euroboxes trying to overtake slower moving vehicles at the wrong time. As many of you will know, this stretch of the 68 is straight, but with lots of dips and crests with the accompanying solid white lines. Both times I've came over a crest only to find another car on the wrong side forcing me to slow to under 30 each time to avoid a collision. Seen so many people taking huge risks all for getting past a slow moving vehicle. Only then to get stuck behind another one half a mile down the road - really what's the point? I just hope I don't become one of those red dots on the map thanks to some other muppet's ineptitude behind the wheel. silent 
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Accident Map on BBC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Accident Map on BBC   Accident Map on BBC EmptyThu 21 Aug - 22:25

An accident I was involved in, in 2001 Is mentioned on there.
2 dead and 1 serioulsy injured on the A171 Guisborough Road.
It's always been a dodgy road the road towards Scarborough,
there's multiple fatalities every year. I was lucky, just escaped
with whiplash and wrote off my Ford Orion. Scary stuff though
that's for sure.
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Accident Map on BBC
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